Special Needs Report – Solutions to Problems

Special needs affect the whole school, not just the SENCo and their department.  Unless attended to, these pupils drag down the overall academic results, may cause disruption to other pupils, and may cause stress for teaching staff.

In March 2016 the Hamilton House Special Needs Week team sent questionnaires to SENCos in every primary school across the UK, inviting comments on the provision of special needs within their schools.

This identified a number of problems, many of which have immediate solutions which can be provided by Play Therapy UK registrants and/or by training for school staff – sometimes at very little cost to the school.

SENCos were asked if they felt they had any pupils who had a condition and for whom they did not have adequate resources to help this pupil.

In 57 of the 67 categories the answers of the special needs teachers who completed the survey was “yes” for at least one pupil in at least one school. The most common areas for such difficulty were

●       Attachment disorder (66% of schools)

●       Behavioural emotional and social difficulties (53% of schools)

●       Anxiety disorder (40% of schools)

●       Mental health issues (38% of schools).

A proven solution is Play Therapy. When delivered to Play Therapy UK (PTUK) standards, it results in a 77% to 84% positive change, as observed by teaching staff and parents based on over 12,000 cases.

The survey found that nearly one third said that demand was outstripping the ability to meet the special needs they were faced with.  A short term solution is to apply as a placement organisation for a PTUK Trainee.  There is no fee – your school just has to provide a suitable room for the sessions with the children and some materials and basic equipment.  During a year you will see how successful Play Therapy can be for your school.  We have over 300 new trainees each year but it depends upon one being available in your area.

If you can find annual funding of about £5000 the best solution is to send one of your teaching staff to be trained as a Registered Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills and a Registered Play Therapist.

More information:

www.playtherapy.org.uk    Play Therapy Register

Email: mokijep@aol.com    Phone: 01825 761143