Alder Grange School press release: Students are drawing on childhood to beat exam stress

GCSE and A Level students are escaping the stress during exam season armed with felt tips, pencils and crayons.

Alder Grange School have introduced colouring in sessions to help students combat stress and wind down from their exams.

Adult colouring books have become a craze across the UK as a method of relaxation. The school in Rawtenstall decided to embrace this approach in an effort to help students find peace and quiet while they take their exams.

After the colouring-in sessions started to become quite a success Jo Griffiths, Head of School, decided to arrange a ‘Mindful Day’ for all year 10 students.

The day will include various new activities including yoga classes, meditation sessions, calming walks and mental health awareness training.

“These different methods or relaxation are not only to help them wind down after an exam but also to encourage them to stay calm and positive before and during tests. Some students can feel a lot of pressure around this time of year and our role is to make sure they succeed and remain happy, healthy students,” said Head of School, Jo Griffiths.

Courtney Lea Reader, year 12 student at ag6, said: “It’s really nice and calming to sit and colour in. Obviously this time of year can be quite stressful for some of us and it’s lovely of the school to help us find some peace and quiet. It helps me feel positive about my exams.”


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