A big thank you from the Education Management News team – in return we’d like to offer your school some free publicity

The Education Management News team would like to say a big thank you to the subscribers of the newsgroup who completed one or more School Awareness Week surveys this term.

You can see the outcomes of your contributions by clicking on the various report links below.

As always you can keep up to date with the various School Awareness Weeks (and any new research/findings) by visiting www.schoolawarenessweeks.co.uk.

By contributing to the School Awareness Weeks you have made it possible for us to continue offering this news service to you and your colleagues free of charge next academic year. In return we would like to offer you some free publicity for your school.

Each year a number of schools have details of their summer activities and achievements published on www.ukeducationnews.co.uk; all you have to do to get your press release published is to follow our guidelines below and send in the notice.

UK Education News will, of course, run any story you send in, but I thought it might help if I outlined a few of the topics that we covered last summer. They included:

  • Exam results released in the summer
  • Achievements of students on gap years
  • Stories about schools being oversubscribed
  • New buildings opening in September
  • Refurbishments being undertaken during the school holidays
  • Universities that students are moving on to
  • Achievements of past students

These of course are just examples – if you wish to deal with any other subject to do with your school just send the press release to Chris@hamilton-house.com

The press release must be written in Word and must only contain the story that you want to run. We will take the text word for word and publish it all without any editorial change – so please don’t add any extraneous comment such as “Dear Chris, could you publish this please” or “ends” at the end, since that is likely to be published too.

Please do include the name, address, phone number, email address, and website of the school, if you wish to. If you don’t, we won’t add it. But please don’t include any pictures as we can’t run pictures on this service.

Simply attach the Word file to an email and send it to Chris Searle at the email address above.

Once again, thank you, and enjoy your summer.


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Lucy Mister
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd