Helping ADHD pupils and students through school

There is little doubt that the most effective way of supporting ADHD pupils and students is not only to provide help within the special needs department, but also to work with colleagues throughout the school, to ensure that there is in place a complete strategy to help them through their school lives.

This means ensuring that not only you and your colleagues working in special needs have a full awareness of ADHD and how it affects young people, but also that everyone in the school has the chance to be aware of what ADHD is.

For ADHD pupils and students may well relate differently from others to such issues as the school’s behaviour rules, and special school days (such as school visits or days when a visitor arrives to work with the pupils or students).

Likewise just as you work with those who have ADHD to help control their impulsiveness, so others need to be aware of this problem too – and the best ways to manage the results of this behaviour.

Then there are issues relating to sports, the arts and other specialist activities, the issue of responsibility and so on.  At each point in the school, the ADHD pupil or student can potentially have a reaction that is different from that of others.

It is to help with this multiplicity of issues that we have produced “Helping ADHD pupils and students through school”.

It is a book which is available as a download, which means that you can then take any of the short articles that appear in the book and make them available for colleagues without any further charges for reproducing the information.

Because each article is deliberately kept short and to the point, it is more likely that colleagues will have the time to read the briefing, and gather a greater understanding of what ADHD is, and how the needs of ADHD pupils and students can be taken into account to improve their learning in school.

“Helping ADHD pupils and students through school” is available exclusively as a download.  The text can then be copied in whole or in small units and distributed to interested parties within the school.

ISBN:  978 1 86083 855 2   Order code: T1789 – please quote with order.

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