What is the simplest way of reducing anxiety levels among autism spectrum students?

Everyone suffers from anxiety at some stage in their lives.  Some of us feel more of it, some less.

As such, anxiety is a normal everyday emotion.  But too much anxiety can lead to a psychological condition that might need help and support.  Too little ability to respond to situations that should induce anxiety can lead to a foolhardy approach to risk-taking, which itself can be disastrous.

Students on the autistic spectrum can be particularly vulnerable to issues relating to anxiety, not least because, for some of them, much of the world can seem an unfathomable place. Thus autistic teenagers can continue to become anxious about situations beyond the age when their school friends have stopped being worried.

However, anxiety is never a fixed emotion. When anxiety levels do run a little too high they can be reduced, often through very simple means.

A series of resources from SEN Press helps autism spectrum teenagers deal with anxiety by taking examples from their everyday lives centred around themes such as “Scared of bullies?” “Scared of the dark?” “Scared of getting lost?” and so on.

With examples drawn from six different common sources of anxiety the students can not only be helped to overcome the anxiety that is portrayed in the materials, but they can also learn about anxiety.

They can thus appreciate that it is a natural human reaction to become anxious in certain conditions, and that everyone has some issues in life about which they might become anxious.

The aim therefore is not to remove the anxiety, but simply to make it more manageable and not detrimental to everyday life.

There are three different ways of purchasing the materials.

First it is possible to buy one copy of each of the six “Scary Things” readers in the “Readers Pack for £28.50. For further information please click here.

As an alternative there is the Scary Things Activity Pack which contains a CD Rom of e-books, worksheets and Teacher Book with copymasters for £55.

Finally the Scary Things Value Pack including all the materials from the Activity Pack above plus two copies of each of the six Readers for £105.

If you require further information please call 01582 833205  or email info@senpress.co.uk