Unlocking autism

What is the most effective way of encouraging students on the autism spectrum to read and engage with new ideas?

It has in recent years been increasingly understood that children on the autism spectrum can respond well to working with digital technology.

The problem, however, is often one that relates to the question of how digital technology can be introduced, both in terms of appropriate reading material and the IT processes themselves.

One approach is to offer short texts with illustrations that the students can not only read on any digital device, but which also can be manipulated, so that the events and information in the text can be reduced or expanded as the individual student requires.

At the same time such text can be listened to by the student, read aloud by the student, or followed on an interactive whiteboard or on the student’s own digital device.

Thus these stories, centred around key themes that affect the students’ lives, not only have an everyday relevance but can also be made increasingly to relate to them and their world.

SEN Press has produced 22 such digital readers which can be used as whiteboard presentations, and as changeable stories for other digital devices.  What’s more the stories have human voice read-throughs (rather than electronic voices) to add to the accessibility.

The e-book library from SEN Press contains editable e-books and corresponding pdfs for print out across four themes: Relationships,. Everyday Challenges, Work Experience, and Simple Meals.

Thus students can be introduced to 22 different situations and themes as varied as “Mum’s new boyfriend”, “Travelling by Yourself”, “Working in a charity shop”, and “Preparing a packed lunch”.

Additionally the pack includes one free copy of the printed edition of each of the books.

The full pack, including the printed copy of each of the 22 books costs £250 (plus VAT).  Full details can be found on our website.

Alternatively if you require further information please call 01582 833205  or email info@senpress.co.uk