How to cope with the variety of special needs – not just ADHD and ASD

It’s long been recognised that every child is different.  We’ve analysed just over 5000 cases showing the variety of referral conditions for Play and Creative Arts Therapies.

The top 10 conditions account for 43% of all referrals out of 327 different ones presented – so Pareto’s law does not apply!

Family relationship difficulties 6.77%
Attachment Issues 6.57%
Anger management 6.21%
Domestic violence – experience of 5.05%
Anxiety disorder 3.75%
Bereavement Close Relatives 3.36%
Social relationships difficulties 3.28%
Lack of self-esteem 3.12%
Autistic spectrum disorder 2.98%
Adjustment Issue – with anxiety 2.40%


Does this match your school’s experience?

Play Therapy UK registrants are trained to cope with this complexity of issues, achieving a positive change of between 77% and 84%.  Not perfect but pretty good.  The main reason is that the children themselves choose from a wide range of activities:  sand tray worlds, drawing, painting, clay, music, movement, games, puppets, therapeutic story-telling and others.   The therapist is trained to communicate with them in the medium that has been chosen, to help the healing process.

The Integrative Holistic model of Play Therapy now has a clinical evidence base of over 12,000 cases showing its effectiveness.  It is being used in 45 countries and over 1500 primary schools in the UK.

Training for SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants is available at 13 conveniently located venues in the UK.  Post Graduate awards by Leeds Beckett University.   Admission to the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists,  accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, an independent UK government funded agency.

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills – 15 days spread over 5 three day weekends to minimise time away from school.

One day Introduction to Play Therapy course – find out more about the model, if it’s suitable for your school and our innovative training methods.

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Monika Jephcott – Chief Executive Play Therapy UK